10-Minute (or Less) Meals

For college kids, single moms, lazy husbands, and other people not in the mood to prepare anything fancy and are just plain hungry -- now!


      • Some burger
      • Some frozen vegetables
      • A can of "cream of" soup (mushroom, chicken, celery, etc.)
      • Minute Rice® or frozen hash browns (optional)
      • Shredded cheese (optional too)

  1. Brown the burger and cook the rice.
  2. Microwave the veggies and hash browns for one minute.
  3. Drain the burger.
  4. Add the cream soup, veggies, rice, and/or hash browns.
  5. Heat to the edge of boiling.
  6. Put on plate, add cheese, eat.
  7. There!

Waffle and Egg Sandwich

      • Two waffles
      • One or two eggs
      • Sliced or shredded cheese
      • Slice of lunch meat
      • Mushrooms, other small ingredients (optional)
  1. Put waffles into toaster.
  2. Start frying the eggs.
  3. Break the yolks and squoosh the mushrooms in.
  4. Butter the waffles when they pop up. Lay cheese on one.
  5. Flip the egg(s). Add lunch meat. Turn off burner.
  6. Place egg/meat stack between waffles.
  7. Mmmm!

         Variation: Instead of waffles and cheese slice, use a tortilla shell and shredded cheese.

Leftover Stew

  • Last night's protein: pork chops, chicken, tofu, hot dogs

  • Last night's carbos: rice, baked potato, french fries, spaghetti

  • Yesterday's liquids: soup, sauce, juice . . . or a new can of something

  • Toast?

1. Chop up the solids.
2. Add the liquids.
3. Heat.
4. Eat.
5. Food groups! Toast some bread if it's too soupy, 

or just use a spoon.

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