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Once upon a time, I wrote a music column for the Fond du Lac Reporter and the West Bend Daily News, a couple of papers in Wisconsin. It was a nice little weekly piece of descriptive opinion about new releases and the musicians I assumed I would never meet. Every once in awhile, though, I did get to talk with someone who had created the music I was reviewing.

Earwaves Again also has pages for Great Rhymes in Pop, Horrible Rhymes in Pop, and one asking the musical question, Are There 100 Excellent Beatles Songs?.

                           PowerPoints on

  • United Nations Stamps by Theme
    The "Uncle Bing Collection" of early to recent UN issues, arranged by Buildings, Flags, Peace, People, etc.

  • Route 66 Trip
    Wisconsin to California and back, much of not it on the Four-Lane Slab.

  • Church Decommissioning
    Tour and coverage of a Catholic church and school being "unholified." The church burned down soon afterward.

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