Cop Show Plots

What are the top ten story lines for crime dramas? I suspect that every series eventually falls into at least five of them. Here's a start. Kindly add your own

  • Officer or detective is caught in hostage situation at the bank. Panicky employee reveals officer's occupation. Cop pistol-whipped.

  • Team races to save wrongfully-convicted killer on death row for a murder "solved" -- oops -- years ago by the team.

  • Obviously guilty party is released on a legal technicality. Nail him for sure before he kills, rapes, or robs again.

  • Burned body found. Spontaneous human combustion?

  • Dead body found in room locked from the inside.

  • Fake kidnapping.

  • Gun used in crime under investigation appears in later crimes always just a step ahead of detectives.

  • Member of team goes undercover in prison.

  • One coffin, two bodies.